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* nathan shakes agony
<agony> faster!
* nathan shakes agony faster :D
<agony> harder!
* nathan shakes agony harder and even faster
<agony> I am done
* nathan stops and falls over
<nathan> milkshake?
<Remco> Hpearce: Windows installers tend to not work on linux
<Hpearce> ahhh, didn't know , ok
<Remco> Hal is quite smart
<Google> hal eightball are you smart?
<Hal> Google: My reply is no.
<Google> is he now?
<Google> dunno
<superstar> What is dunno
<Google> i dont know
<superstar> then how u tell this word?
<Google> i dont know
<mistressEVIL> i'm all achy from screwing on hard floor ;D
<WOFall> that's brilliant :P
<mistressEVIL> with sister ;>
<mistressEVIL> classy eh?
<WOFall> :D it gets better and better
<WOFall> i'd buy the boxset
<mistressEVIL> we started screwing at around 10am
<mistressEVIL> and i got home just pre 5pm :D
<mistressEVIL> we started on drawer
<mistressEVIL> then computer desk
<mistressEVIL> bed
<mistressEVIL> and another bed :D
<WOFall> i would have come over if you'd asked :(
<iBeef> larsKL, is this an UnrealIRCd ?
* Sensation89re joined #opera
<iBeef> !peek
<iBeef> !peak
<Quanacadi> Channel Peak Record: 88 (4 years, 51 days ago).
<Sensation89re> jhbdga
* Sensation89re left #opera
<iBeef> I don't think you are supposed to spam here
<iBeef> !TOPIC
<iBeef> Opera related talk only, go to #lounge for general chat :: English only! :: Ask your question and be patient :: Don't ask to ask. Just ask. :: Ask before PMing anyone :: Latest version: 10.60 :: Chat howto: http://my.opera.com/chat/ :: Use http://pb.larskl.de/ for pasting large texts
<iBeef> Topic set by Remco on Thu Jul 01 2010 03:53:12 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)
<AndyTelnre> are you Sirious?
<HPearce> that's a constellation
<Sirious> wow, how do you know ?!
<Sirious> not astronomical?
<AndyTelnre> gastronomical
<AndyTelnre> he ate a star chart :)
<- Sirious has left lounge
<AndyTelnre> i don't think he got the joke :|
<EgyptianMan> yes he is so sirious.
<babah2> dalek: are you a bot? because if so... your flood-logic code sucks
* babah2 was kicked from opera by dalek (Reason: Please don't flood.)
<rouz> lol btw... i found self in a funny situation last night
<Eve> what happened?
<rouz> I let a lizard that I found in my room live, so that it maybe could eat some of the cockroaches ... thats the so-so part
<rouz> after the lizard eats the cockroaches, im gonna get a cat to it it
<rouz> and when the cat has done its part... i bring in the hounds
<rouz> food is here! ciao !
* Joins #lounge: eraldof
<set> eraldof: swine flu!!
* Quits: eraldof has disconnected: Connection reset by peer
<set> oh
<set> it got him :(

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